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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 4, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. jury deliberations are under way in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. jurors must decide who was
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responsible for the pop singer's death, dr. conrad murray or jackson himself. karen brown reports from los angeles. >> reporter: the fate of dr. conrad murray is in the hands of the jury. >> it is up to all of you and you alone to decide what happened. >> reporter: seven men and five women must decide if michael jackson's personal physician is to blame for the singer's death. >> michael jackson trusted conrad murray. he trusted him with his life. he paid with his life. >> reporter: during closing arguments, the prosecutor repeatedly called dr. murray's actions bizarre and said there was no precedent for the cardiologist giving the singer propofol to help him sleep. but the defense fired back telling jurors once again it was jackson desperate for sleep who injected the fatal dose of the anesthetic after he had taken took sedatives on the day he died. >> they want you to convict dr. murray for the actions of
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michael jackson. this is not a reality show. it's reality. >> reporter: the defense also criticized the prosecution for playing off michael jackson's celebrity and for tugging on the jurors' emotions by talking about his three young children and showing pictures of them in court. >> how valid and lawful it is, i'm not really sure. in other words, the important part of this case is the facts, what happened or what didn't happen. >> reporter: if dr. murray is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the judge will decide his sentence which could range from probation up to four years in prison. if acquitted, the cardiologist might still lose his medical license. in los angeles, karen brown, cbs 5. some business owners in oakland are saying no more when it comes to the "occupy" movement. many are not happy with the protestors and are now threatening to move out of the city. anne makovec shows us oakland city hall is caught right in the middle.
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>> we're flabbergasted! i have people calling me every day. why won't they take action?! >> reporter: the oakland metropolitan chamber of commerce says the encampment is devastating to business and that three companies just cancelled plans to move to the city. >> because of this activity and the failure of the mayor to take action. >> reporter: the drama is unmistakable. two recent protests ended in tear gas, fires and vandalism the the chamber says this is costing the city not only monetarily but also in terms of oakland's image. protestors maintain this was the work of a violent fringe group. >> we are a nonviolent movement. period. and we need to establish that. >> reporter: protestors are upset the city is spending so much money to try to shut their camps down. an estimated $1 million just last week. the chamber is upset that the city allowed it to regenerate and the protest to grow so large. >> people are intimidated. people were blocked in their cars. people were blocked in wells fargo at webster street.
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people were blocked in whole foods. how would you like to be in that situation? >> reporter: but protestors think police have done too much. they shouted down the chief at a city council meeting last night. >> my officers showed great restraint in -- [ yelling ] >> reporter: on the table at city hall there wasn't enough agreement on the measure last night so it's been tabled. but they will take it up again in two weeks. and tonight, the "occupy" council is holding its own meeting to discuss the next step including digging in for the long haul. >> i have been here since day zero and i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: even after seeing the cold rain last night, protestors aren't giving up. they are building up their camp. >> establishing a foundation so at least you can raise your body temperature because you won't be so cold. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5. tomorrow is the day that "occupy" wall street movement is asking people to transfer their bank accounts from the big banks to the credit unions.
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anser hassan is in san jose, where one very successful businessman is doing just that and he is now going public with the reasons for his move. anser. >> reporter: that's right, frank. by all accounts, mike fox, sr., is part of that 1% but he may be doing something that's surprising some people. he says he is upset with how bank of america does business and it's time to act. mike fox, sr., is trying to lead by example. >> by not loaning me the money, they wouldn't make money. >> reporter: fox is pulling $8 million of his company's money plus hundreds of thousands of his own out of bank of america. he runs fox company a wholesale distributor of beer, water and energy drinks located in san jose. he is divesting his money as part of bank transfer day where people across country are being asked to pull their money out of big banks, a movement that's gaining supporters especially in light increased bank fees. >> like i said, nickel and diming is just -- it's just annoying.
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>> reporter: the biges gain may be for credit unions. >> big day tomorrow. we're very excited. special hours for us. we're not normally open on saturdays. >> reporter: open this saturday for bank transfer day. nationally more people are joining credit unions in the past month than in all of 2010. >> we have always been free always had free services where others charged and people have learned that in the last couple of months. >> reporter: fox is part of a group called pact, people acting in community together, trying to bring attention to the powers that these big banks have. fox said it will cost him $30,000 to get his money out but he says it's well worth it. we might add, we reached out to bank of america. they did not comment. they said customer privacy laws prevent them from speaking. >> did he say anything about reaching out to some of his wealthier friends to follow suit, anser? >> reporter: absolutely. and i think that's part of what this group "pact" is all about to encourage more people to come in.
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we'll see if it has an impact starting tomorrow. >> thank you, anser hassan in san jose. several bay area base companies are among the 30 u.s. companies who pay little or no federal corporate tax. this is according to a new study. the report by citizens for tax justice and the institute or taxation and economic policy found that pg&e and wells fargo paid no federal taxes at all in the past three years. other local companies paid less than half of the 35% tax rates among them. hewlett-packard, yahoo and levi strauss. >> the last 25 or so years, loopholes have crept back into the tax code and companies have found ways to ship their profits offshore and invest in tax shelters that cut their taxes. >> the loopholes that result in low or zero tax rates are legal. tax reform advocates hope that this report will lead to tax law reform like the kind that happened back in the 1980s.
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new unemployment numbers show that hiring slowed in the month of october but unemployment rate actually went down slightly in spite of that. the labor department says the economy actually added 80,000 jobs, the fewest in four months. still, the unemployment rate dipped from 9.1% to 9%. the first drop since july. >> i don't think it was unexpected. i don't think it was anything shocking. but primarily, i don't think it was good enough to give us any reason to invest. >> separate survey of households showing that more people found work may account for the lower unemployment rate. but federal reserve says it doesn't expect the jobless rate to go lower this year. let's check the numbers. the dow has been down most of the day down 113 points. investors still waiting for word on greece's debt problem. and the daily deal's pioneer groupon made its wall street debut at a ringing the
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opening bell at the nasdaq. stocks jumped to $3 1 per share in the opening minutes on friday morning this morning. right now, the shares are trading around $28 up $8. they priced their initial ipo offering at $20 per share. groupon has raised $700 million today alone. the daily deal's website is now valued at almost $13 billion. in an effort to restore public trust and improve safety, pg&e is spending an extra $4 00 million to upgrade its gas lines. now, this plan is in response to last year's deadly san bruno explosion. the money would be in addition to the $2.2 billion already promised to be spent on repairs and renovations. but pg&e has asked state regulators to have consumers front 90% of the bill. this new $400 million will be coming straight from the company's profits. california's lax medical marijuana laws are they creating more pot users? the sobering results of a new
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study coming up. >> be careful what you post on facebook. why what you say could soon become public. >> talk about a close encounter. how one surfer was just feet away from becoming somebody's lunch. coming up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. started out with some rain this morning, skies clearing out now. going to be a cold night tonight. but stormy for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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i do! okay. [ female announcer ] choose the bundle that fits your life. of a deadly shooting at a nevada september. the a gunman's rampage caught on tape. this is new video of a deading shooting at a nevada ihop in september. the gunman is seen running through the parking lot firing at a woman who tried to escape on a motorcycle. she was shot in the head but survived thanks to her helmet. just minutes before, the suspect stormed the carson city ihop and opened fire on
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patrons. three national guardsmen and another person died. a former san francisco giants payroll manager is expected to plead guilty to embezzlement. 41-year-old robin o'connor is accused of transferring giants money into her personal bank account. she was charged in july with take $1.5 million. the "chronicle" reports that new court filings add $700,000 to the original amount. and keep your bike locked up in san francisco. it is at the top of the new list of where the most bicycles are stolen, as well as oakland, north bay and south bay. one person examined the bicycle category with stolen to get the data from craigslist. injured representative gabrielle giffords is set to release a memoir. what she is saying about a potential return to congress. >> have you seen it? a miniature deer is loose in
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berkeley. why animal experts are worried about the safety. >> time to finalize weekend plans and we have a storm coming. we'll tell you when coming up. ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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version of bambi in berkeley. you may have. animal experts say there have been multiple sightings of a think you spotted a tiny version of bambi in berkeley? you may have. experts say there have been multiple sightings of a mini deer in cesar chavez park and they are worried because being small they could fall predator
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to another animal. to capture it, throw a blanket over it and call berkeley animal services. a surfer and kayaker got a surprise over the weekend. can you imagine ? this is off the coast of santa cruz. humpback whales are following anchovies for feeding. whale watchers are warned to stay at least 10 0 yards away. >> how about the guy this took the video? >> no kidding. >> what was he on? wow. >> a little too close. snow has arrived in the sierra just in time for storm weekend fun. >> if you are a skier, not much fun if you are driving though. a lot of unprepared drivers though. eight to ten inches of snow until overnight. some drivers didn't have chains. it wasn't the snow so much but the ice on the roads that made the commute tough for drivers. >> had i've only got 23,000 pounds in here and i made it up but a caught a few slick spots.
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>> boreal resort welcomes the snow and opened its lifts today for the weekend. the first resort do it this season. we have some live pictures from sierra at tahoe ski resort on 50 near echo summit and it looks like all things are go there, as well. so get your boards ready. >> there are a few clouds. you're going to get a little more snow this weekend but don't take my word for it. >> yeah, guys. wax up the skis. the season has started. get going early this year. snow up there now and more to come looks like over the weekend. today we started with rainfall around the bay area things clearing out very nicely outside right now. looking toward the golden gate over russian hill just a couple clouds there in the distance. otherwise, we are looking good. but that is from inside. you get outside you have to bundle up today. these temperatures running cool only 55 degrees in concord. 52 in oakland right now. and 52 degrees in san jose. when that wind blows, it's going to feel even cooler than that. it's going to be mostly sunny
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now in the afternoon just a couple of passing clouds, a little brisk though out there with the winds kicking up. highs only in the 50s and the low 60s. tonight, a very chilly night indeed. likely to see some patchy frost showing up in some of the valleys. overnight lows into the 30s and 40s. low pressure now dragging to the south taking with it the storm clouds so that's going to continue to move in that direction. behind it we have that cold arctic air that's surging into the bay area going to bring very chilly night and then we have this next storm system potentially bringing us some rainfall as we head in towards saturday evening. let's time it out on the computer models taking you through the day today, pretty good. tomorrow not bad but tomorrow night, 6:00, the rain has begun again to show up around the bay area. that cold front moving through overnight looks like it will bring more scattered showers into sunday morning and then again, we'll watch those skies part. so not a rainout this weekend. most of the rain will come overnight saturday night into sunday morning. and then we dry things out. with that in mind, temperatures today in the 50s and low 60s.
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it's chilly. no getting around that. tonight it's going to be cold. expect some lows as low as 33 degrees right around the freezing mark in napa, about 34 in santa rosa. and about 35 degrees in livermore. so you get the idea, patchy frost showing up tomorrow morning and it's that time of the year we have to start to worry about black ice on the roads. looks like another storm brewing as we'll see that coming in on saturday evening, then drying out as we head through the better part of sunday but another storm as we look toward next thursday, guys. so not a rainout this weekend. just some rainfall overnight it looks like on saturday night. if you have plans, i don't know what you guys are doing -- i never do. >> of course we have plans. >> i didn't want to insubtle you. >> are we going to get wet at the cal game. >> latter pa of the game. >> bring your poncho. congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she is doing everything she can to get back to work. in a new book, she opposite up
12:21 pm
about her therapy and coming to terms with the january shooting that killed 6, injured her and a dozen others. the book called, gabby, a story of courage and hope, details her recovery over the past 10 months. giffords' husband of course former astronaut mark kelly wrote the book. it's set for release november 15. think legalizing medical marijuana makes it more likely for teens to use the drug? well, think again. researchers compare the rates of marijuana use among teens in rhode island and massachusetts and the study found no big difference between use in either state after pot was legalized in rhode island in 2006. massachusetts has not legalized the drug. millions of parents are lying in order to help get their kids on facebook. >> it's true. the site requires members to be at least 13 years old. a new consumer reports survey showed 64% of parents say they helped their underage child
12:22 pm
join facebook. they say it's okay to lie because they are monitor their children's online use. big news here. facebook users may want to watch what they post. your comments will soon show up in a google search. google plans to expand its search index to include public comments made on facebook and other social networking sites. people with private profiles will not be affected. >> if only we knew that before. >> adjust your settings. some of the best video you could see all day. >> you're going to meet this young man who holds a world record for jumping over cars, coming up. ,,,,,,
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so 2.99 is a great value. when you buy them, light brown all the way around. that's very important. and in the refrigerator right away in a brown paper bag. pink lady apples are becoming more and more popular every year. it's kind of a cross between agala and a fuji apple and they're beautiful and loaded with flavor. you can find them about 99 cents a pound the average price. when you bring them home, always put them in the refrigerator. a few examples of this week's best buys. eat fresh, stay healthy and save money. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 5:00, thinking of making the switch? well, there are some things you should know. the possible pitfalls of transferring banks. >> and it's called the caveman diet. our dr. kim mulvihill tried it and tonight, she vouches for it. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. a milwaukee man holds a world record that really is not for the faint of heart. and the feat comes with a disclaimer, do not try this at
12:27 pm
home. he holds the world record of jumping over a car. videos posted on youtube have earned him an appearance on the history channel show, super humans. says a bruce lee film inspired him to start flipping and jumping when he was five been. >> might want to go on dr. phil, too. >> all i had to did was flip over a car. [ laughter ] >> all i had to did was flip over a car, that's it. >> as a kid, he was inspired by bruce lee. >> nice. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,
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